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martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Why I want to go to Dallas

I want to go to Dallas because of a lot of reasons.

One of them is that i want to know the city. I just know that there the weather is very hot, and that's cool for me because I love that kind of weather.

Also I would like to go to Dallas because when I go to Unites States I always go to Miami or Orlando and there we always do the same things and that's very boaring.

Another reason is that would like to learn to speak better English because I can understand everything very well, but when I must to talk is very hard to me.

One of the girls from Dallas told us that Dallas is the city from a lot of famous like Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, etc...

I love Jonas Brotherts, and I will be happy to visit the city that they born.

Well, these are some of the reasons for why I want to go to Dallas.

Sincerely yours

Josefina Ponce

martes, 29 de junio de 2010

Letter to the director of a newspaper

I write to you because lately I realized that in TV programs there is a lot of violence, wich we sometimes don't take notice.

First of all: Every day in the news we watch so much violence even the children could watch it which is very dangerous for them. The problem is that you are watching the news, the World Cup, and interview to a soccer player or to his father and friends, bur suddenly appears tragic and very violent news which can watch all kind of people.

Second: The most programs for children are very violent because shows many fights, even the cartoons are agressive and the actors (people) are the worst scenes for children who learn about this and for this reason they imitate that behavior and some of them sometimes become criminals and often use the force or kill to get what they want using the violence.

Please! We need help of you to find a solution! Chuldren need all of us!!

Your sincerely

Josefina Ponce

sábado, 26 de junio de 2010


I don't like the semi-detached houses, because I can't stand sharing with other families, in this kind of houses you can hear the people who lives in the house next to you and this iv very uncomfortable.
When I become adult I like living in a mansion because they are huge and very beautiful.
Is also very important the decoration of my house, I would like something very impressive so the people be amused when they see it.
I would like my house as follow:
In my bedroom I like an enormous bed with a lot of cushions. And a desk where I can work.
I wish a kitchen very fashion with a washing machine, crisyal glasses, and very expensive china.
I want a living room very large because I want this place to meet with my familit and friends, that is where I can talk with them about everything in a comfortably way.
My mansion should have an enormous garden because I'll have many animals in order to my children can play with them

Chile and the World Cupo

Nowadays the most important news is about the World Cup. The World Cup is every four years in different countries. This year, 2010, the World Cup is in Southafrica. Also the FIFA's commission chooses a song how's going to represent the World Cup in that country. Chile qualified for this World Cup. In his group beat Switzerland and Honduras and was defeated by Spain so Chile advanced to the second round.
On Monday will be the match between Chile and Brazil, it'll be a difficult match.
The important soccer player Jorge Valdivia "Mago Valdivia" is my neighbour. Mark Gonzalez is another important player in the Chilean team who is the most handsome guy in the team.
In the las match versus Switzerland he scored a goal and because of him we win the match.

Well, I hope that Chile advance to the second round and all the chilean players remain motivated for the next World Cup in which we shall win, no doubt.

My favorite book

I think the science fiction novels are very bad to children because the kids try to be the characters and they do dangerous thinghs.
Well, I love read books about real stories, romantic stories and old novels.
My favorite book is "Pried and Prejudice". This book tells the story about Elizabeth Bennet. She is a young with four sisters. Their mother wanted that they marry as soon as possible because the five marriageable daughters and mother will be without a home and income once Mr. Bennet dies. One day two men, Bingley and Darcy, arrived to Meryton and attend to a Ball where they meet the Bennet family.
The time goes by and Bingley fall in love with Jane the oldest sister and so on the story continues with interesting anecdotes about the five sisters.
I liked it very much because it is a story about the lives from young people and also because is a romantic story and as i told before I love this kind of novels.

jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

My Ideal wedding

I'm planning my weddig. First of all I would like in spring because the weather is perfect for this.

I would like to marry in the afternoon and have a big party at night with my whole family and my friends.

Second: My dress is very important for me and i'm thinking in the best designer in Paris because I want te most beautiful dress in the world.

Third: I would like do the party in the best place in Santiago such as W hotel, Ritz Carlton or Castillo Hidalgo.

The church should be a big one because I need that all my guests fit in.

The honeymoon must be in a Caribbean country like Puerto Rico, American Republic, Caiman Island, etc...because I would like diving very much and a good sun bathing and these are the best place to do these activities.

And the most important, the broom. I would like to marry to Cristiano Ronaldo, but I know that's impossible.

I really don't care who will be my husband I just want somebody who loves me so much and doesn't be a criminal.

jueves, 29 de abril de 2010

My worst illness

I havee never suffered a severe illness. But i have three scars in my knee.

I had an accident on December 2004 in my farm. I fell off the stairs and i cut my leg with a metal from the stairs.

My parents took me to the hospital immediately and there we found just one doctos, because it was vacations.

The Doctor had to stitch my wound and i cried a lot because it was the most terrible pain i have ever felt. The Doctor had to put a plaster in my whole leg, and i couldn´t walk by myself. I left the hospital in a wheelchair to the car and my father held me

When i went back to my farm i had to stay in bed for three days. It was very boaring because i couldn't do anything.

After that i hace a new smaller plaster for one month. And i could practice sports after two months.